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Montag, Juni 16, 2008

Sommerfest Vorstrasse Pics Pt.2

Vor unserem Auftritt: Mishiva, Mr.Taxxxi & Pete Pumpgun genießen...

...die Show der Banana Butts (actual butts not pictured).

"Merkst selbst jetzt? Beckstown Dynamite, Hack Mack..."

"....war das gestern ne Party...."

"...denn nur in Freiheit kann die Freiheit Freiheit sein."
(R.I.P. Georg Danzer)

"Pete Pumpgun, Pete Pumpgun, Pete Pumpgun, ...."

...und immer noch Single ;)

more pics (from the rest of the festival, too ;)) @ port01
(i just hope, nobody took pictures backstage ;p)

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Sonntag, Juni 15, 2008

BTD live @ Sommerfest Vorstrasse

So, here are some pictures from yesterdays performance @ the Sommerfest Vorstrasse in Bremen with Hack Mack. Thx 2 mumpitz for shooting these!! More pictures and maybe even a video coming soon, so stay tuned....

THANKS to everybody who was there to support us!

SHOUTOUTS to: Pete Pumpgun (our guitar-player, hopefully someone took a pic of him...), Hack Mack, the Sommerfest-Team and everybody, who kept drinking with me till sunrise ;p

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Mittwoch, April 23, 2008

Hack Mack - "Bremen"

This is the video for "Bremen" - a song by Hack Mack (in which we have a small part).

...and here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures we took while shooting our scenes. Also make sure to download Hack Macks´ debut album "Tiefenrausch" for free @ (on which we are also featured on the song "Traumfrau").

discussing the scene

peter (from celtic light media) on the cam

Mr Taxi is getting ready for the shooting

Mishiva is getting ready for the after-party

Hack Mack @ the after-party

stay tuned... "Privatkonzert im Großraumtaxi" coming soon!!!

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Donnerstag, Dezember 13, 2007

Don´t call it a comeback!

Yeah, we are still alive! Producing more wicked tunes than ever before. And somebody made this video-clip of a song, that seems to have leaked from our highly protected studio. Soon we will be releasing some goodies for y´all. Till then: Enjoy the show!

BTD (2007)


Mittwoch, Oktober 25, 2006


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